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True freedom means releasing everything that constrains us – even judgments. Let us help you reach out and spread love unconditionally. We all need it.

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About SLAP Mobile

We are technology innovators with a moral thrust driven to enhance relationships between the imprisoned and those who love them. We know firsthand about the layers of emotional strain and mental distress that often consume family members and friends. Likewise, we keenly understand the need for the imprisoned to still be nurtured despite the missteps that redirected them onto the wrong paths.  

Mission Statement

Our goal is to keep relationships strong and to build endless communication one photo at a time.  Essentially, we extend the olive branch that bridges the gap between struggle and support.  Letters and photos sent through our specialized system narrow the great divide between loved ones. Families can download the app or go to our website to create a profile. It’s an easy four step system that will undoubtedly change countless lives.


Our features are both cutting edge yet easy to implement! Here’s how we do it:

  • Send Photos

    Strike your BEST pose and send photos “on the fly” to any state, county, or federal correctional facility nationwide

  • Send Letters

    Include a letter at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

  • Add Recipients

    Access to multiple recipients so that it’s easy to make deposits of affections from one facility to another. There’s nothing like having options!

  • Hassle Free!

    Leave the hard parts to us so that your focus will shift onto those who really matter the most.


We are working hard to develop the perfect fit to your daily lives.

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