Karim Mathis

Everyone is born with an innate craving to fulfill their destiny. Some people’s lives are muddled in hopelessness, rooted in their own painful narratives.  Others have ebbs and flows of fleeting success but their character can’t sustain longevity. Then, there are those who take the deepest, hardest falls and spring back up with a resiliency that refuses to bow down even to their flaws. Karim Mathis is the latter.

With an exceptionally humble and empathetic approach, Karim Mathis has overcome the barriers that obstructed his healthy self-perception. This forward thinking, East Coast-based entrepreneur has been empowered by his own adversity and pays his freedom forward by imparting compassion and outreach to those behind bars. His brainchild, SLAP Mobile,  is a testament to the power of technology to extend beyond barriers and touch the core of ostracized and lonely hearts. With a simple click of an app, tangible support in the form of letters and photos are sent from families and friends to their incarcerated loved ones.